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Horus securely monitors users' desktop activity locally and remotely, allowing you to automate the detection of risks and unwanted employee behavior through intelligent rules and alerts, monitoring productivity, and preventing the theft or loss of sensitive or confidential information.

Verify the fulfillment of objectives by areas of the company or employee, establish individual or group performance indicators, and know in detail the work of the company's different areas through performance indicators and detailed complementary information from Horus' customized reports.

Describe the operation's hidden capacity and the lifecycle of tasks, identify productive applications by a role in the company, and control unproductive applications through the customized configuration of productive applications.


Horus monitors in real-time per day the number of computers online, the percentage of productive applications used, the average number of keys per minute, and the average time in seconds spent per application. It also graphically indicates the percentage of application usage per day and the top 10 applications and windows used. It allows parameterizing and management alerts taking into account applications, windows, and keywords used by employees. Horus also generates ten reports to identify globally, by groups or individually using applications and productivity, taking into account elements such as working hours, productive and unproductive applications.

¿Why use a HORUS?

Check Mark 1. Monitor user activity.

Check Mark 2. Remote monitoring of employees on PCs.

Check Mark 3. Parameterize performance by roles in the company.

Check Mark 4. Prevention of data theft or loss.

Check Mark 5. Personalized alerts of low performance.

Check Mark 6. Manage employee performance indicators.

Check Mark 7. Obtain the detailed information on user activity.

Check Mark 8. Detect unwanted employee behavior.

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