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Open the horizons of self-care in IVR by reproducing human speech artificially

Find the voice of your brand by personalizing language, accent, gender and making IVR service more accessible.

Check Mark 1. Enabling Conversational IVRs

Check Mark 2. Reduction of customer effort

Check Mark 3. Transformation of IVR into an accessible channel

Check Mark 4. Integration with information systems

Check Mark 5. Use of personalized, natural and realistic voices

Check Mark 6. Implementation of voice interactions

Check Mark 7. Process automation

Check Mark 8. Save time and money

Reasons to synthesize a custom voice from Text To Speech - TTS -

Check Mark

Improve the user experience
Design an experience that conveys brand identity with a personalized voice, using rhythm and intention to adapt to the moment of truth that the customer experiences.


Accessible to users with different abilities
Facilitate interaction for older adults with abilities diminished by the aging process, illiterate or disabled people.


Transmiting your brand identity
Unify with the same voice the prerecorded audios and the information generated automatically in the IVR.


Monitoring and control
Track the use of the Text To Speech - TTS - component from the wolkvox Manager reports to know details of its use.

wolkvox voices

Paisa accent

Voice customization

Synthesize your brand's own voice in a conversational IVR to improve the user experience, transform your service channels into accessible spaces that convey the identity of your company

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